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OCG Training Academy



Welcome to OC Guns Firearm Training!

At OC Guns, we prioritize safety, responsibility, and proficiency in handling firearms. Our firearm training programs are designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to responsibly own and operate firearms.

Courses Offered:

  • Basic Firearm Safety: Perfect for beginners, this course covers the fundamental principles of firearm safety, including proper handling, storage, and transportation of firearms. Participants will learn essential safety protocols and develop a solid understanding of firearm mechanics.

  • Introduction to Handguns: Whether you’re new to handguns or seeking to improve your skills, this course provides hands-on instruction in handgun operation, shooting techniques, and marksmanship fundamentals. Our experienced instructors will guide you through proper grip, stance, sight alignment, and trigger control.

  • Defensive Pistol Training: In this advanced course, participants will learn defensive shooting tactics and strategies for real-world scenarios. From close-quarters engagements to situational awareness, our instructors will teach you how to effectively defend yourself and your loved ones in high-stress situations.

  • Concealed Carry Permit Course: For individuals seeking to obtain a concealed carry permit, our comprehensive course covers legal considerations, firearm selection, holster options, and practical shooting exercises. We emphasize responsible carry practices and equip you with the knowledge needed to carry confidently and responsibly.

  • Tactical Rifle Training: Designed for rifle enthusiasts and tactical shooters, this course explores the operation, maintenance, and shooting techniques specific to rifles. Participants will learn precision shooting, target acquisition, and dynamic movement with rifles in a controlled environment.

  • Youth Firearm Safety: Safety is paramount, especially when it comes to children and firearms. Our youth firearm safety course educates young individuals on the basics of firearm safety, emphasizing the importance of respect, responsibility, and proper handling around firearms.

Why Choose OC Guns Firearm Training?

  • Expert Instructors: Our instructors are certified professionals with extensive experience in firearms training and safety protocols. They are dedicated to providing personalized instruction and fostering a safe learning environment for all participants.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our training facilities are equipped with modern amenities and state-of-the-art shooting ranges, ensuring a comfortable and immersive learning experience for our students.

  • Customized Training Programs: Whether you’re a novice shooter or an experienced enthusiast, we offer a variety of courses tailored to meet your skill level and learning objectives.

  • Commitment to Safety: Safety is our top priority at OC Guns. We adhere to strict safety protocols and best practices to ensure the well-being of our students and staff at all times.

Join Us at OC Guns Firearm Training:

Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills, obtain a concealed carry permit, or simply learn more about firearms, OC Guns Firearm Training is your premier destination for comprehensive and professional instruction. Take the first step towards responsible firearm ownership and enroll in one of our courses today!

For more information or to register for a course, please contact us or visit our website. We look forward to welcoming you to OC Guns Firearm Training!